Kaksi IP-Produkter Oy:n suodatintoimittajaa, PECOFacet ja PARKER ovat yhdistyneet, kun 28.02.2017 PECOFacetin emoyhtiö CLARCOR on liitetty Parker Hannifin Corporation Filtration-ryhmään. Näin on syntynyt toisiaan täydentävä yhdistelmä, joka vakiinnuttaa Parkerin suurimpien suodatusyritysten joukkoon kaikkein kattavimpana suodatusratkaisujen ja palvelujen tarjoajana koko maailmassa.
Parker Hannifin on Fortune 250 globaali johtaja Motion and Control -teknologiassa. Lisää tietoja yhdistymisestä löytyy: parker.com

CLARCOR is comprised of a number of companies that are divided into two segments; Engine/Mobile and Industrial/Environmental. Each segment focuses on specific markets and applications unique to their products and service offerings. From simple filtration products to complex, highly engineered systems, our companies manufacture and supply products to protect the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.
CLARCOR has operations and sales offices on every major continent in the world and our employees are at work every day to ensure our products are in use to protect people and the world they live in. We are passionate about what we do and we do things right.
To support these efforts and to continually improve our technology, the CLARCOR Innovation Center (CIC) in Columbia, Tennessee focuses on providing technical expertise and leading edge technology for filtration applications. While each operating company houses its own research and development center, the CIC furthers the efforts by focusing on media development for next generation products. Our goal is to provide products of the highest quality that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations now and into the future.