• Helppo puhdistaa
  • Tasainen virtaus, miltei ilman pulsseja
  • Itseimevä, 5 mwc
  • Maksimi paine 5 bar
  • Virtaus: 1-30 m3/h

Kysy lisätietoja:

KIESEL-Impeller pumps are self-priming pumps. They unite the characteristics of a rotary pump and a positive displacement pump into one.

The working principle is very simple. The rotating part of the pump is a flexible wheel (impeller), which is made of an elastomer material. This impeller turns in a casing, which has an eccentric form. Here the individual wings of the impeller are strongly bent, whereby the volume between the wings is decreased. On the suction side, the wings spread apart through residual stress. The suction area increases. A vacuum develops, whereby the pump independentaly self-primes. On the pressure side, the wings are squeezed together. The gaps will become smaller and be emptied.

KIESEL-Impeller pumps exhibit a continuous pulsation-free pumping flow.
The pumping direction can be reversed without difficulty. Thereby, the impeller pumps efficiency does not change.

The KIESEL-Impeller pumps achieve the best efficiency at the speed of between 500 and 1500 rpm. Higher revs strongly decrease the life span of the impeller. At lower speed efficiency drops drastically, because of the “slip” between the impeller and the casing.

The number of pump revolutions depends strongly on the homogeneity, viscosity and abrasiveness of the pumping agent.

The impeller pumps are self-lubricating. Given that, without lubrication between the impeller and housing, frictional heat develops fast. The impeller pump may run unlubricated, but only briefly. The suction process must be completed within 30 seconds. After the moistening of the impellers with the pumping medium, a longer unlubricated operation is possible.

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